Bruce Wilson, Nelson, New Zealand
Master Practitioner, Business Coach

"I want to thank Sam from NewMarketingU for the brilliant work he has been doing!"

Bruce is a Master Practitioner in the Alternative Reality of Life as well as being an Internationally recognised Business Coach and Mentor based in Nelson New Zealand.
Shama Hyder, Miami, Florida
Zen Media CEO, Forbes & Inc, 30 Under 30, Speak & Author

"Good job! Thank you! I am impressed with your work. :)"
Always recommend!
Shama Hyder started one of the first marketing businesses in the world. She is known as the millennial master of the universe by fastcompany.com, she is a Forbes 30 under 30 and has a client list that stretches from Chase bank to the U.S. Navy!
Sarah, Surrey,UK
Fashion Designer
"As (community leader) Leo would say, "Emi's, emi's (Emails) she just want more emi's!" I'm addicted to making money sending emails! Thankyou!!!"

Sarah has been an aspiring fashion designer graduate, having no luck breaking into the industry and holding an actual fashion designer role. From learning Sam's email system she has landed multiple job offers and roles from upcoming street brands and labels to Louis Vuitton!
Chris Widener,
American Author, Motivational Speaker
"Brilliant Sam, I like this a lot!"

Chris Widener is an American author and motivational speaker. Widener has written several books on motivation and business and is a member of the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame. Widener first entered the public speaking industry in 1988. Widener started American Community Business Network, a publishing company later known as Made for Success, in the early 1990s. He co-authored the 2005 book Twelve Pillars with motivational speaker Jim Rohn. In 2009, Widener sold Made for Success to his business partner. Widener hosted several programs for The Success Training Network, better source needed which was a web television site for marketing and motivational content.
Becky Auer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Business Owner, Keynote Speaker, Author

"I love it! You're goooddd!!!!!"
Becky Auer (aka the $6.5 Million Dollar Woman) has 26+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and has started 3 multi-million dollar businesses.
Michael Dill, Miami, Florida
Award-winning Business Coach

"Sam, I'm always pleased with the work you do and the careful, consistent push you still have. Will always recommend and refer your work! Thank you!"
Michael Dill is a Certified Award-Winning Business Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Mentor to business owners. Located in Broward County, Florida he helps business owners with anything concerning within the four walls of their business. Coach Michael follows his slogan of Attitude - Action - Results along with the commitment to help you grow both personally and professionally. With 40+ years of business experience and wisdom, Coach Michael will be that one person to have your back when most needed both in business and in life.
Paul, London, UK
FullStack Developer
"Now making £50k per month using his email system, he is legit!"

Paul has been a full stack developer since 2009 and has felt underpaid and under appreciated, Paul reached out to Sam to see the methods he could use to grow his influence and revenue in the Saas industry. Paul went from making £63K/Year to £50K/Month!