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Do you know this guy?

Yes, the guy up there?!

Well if you don’t know, his name is Gary Vaynerchuck. He is a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, author, speaker and internet personality. Ok? So why am I telling you this, well, if you’re growing a business and you’re trying to make more content. ‘GaryVee’ (for short) is probably someone to look up to! Not because he invented creating content to gain clients and recognition, not because he’s the best marketer or sales man in the world, but because he is GaryVee. Love him or hate him, GaryVee knows one thing really well. Growth – especially with social media. Gary understands brand outweighs everything. The reason he’s hired to speak at the biggest events, the reason he’s hired for c-suite level coaching at the biggest companies in the world is that the name GaryVee holds weight. They know who he is, they love him and he’s super aware of that. He didn’t monetise his brand for a long time so he could create a major upsell on the backend.

He talks about it in his own words with the video below! 

This strategy has helped GaryVee build a $200,000,000/Year empire! Noah Kagan talks about how Gary has done it right here:

This is something we’ve been focusing on here at NewMarketingU. Not just increasing sales, improving cash flow but building a personal/business brand in which when we’re talking to our ideal client they’ll reply with “Oh, I see, I’ve heard of you guys!” that branding. 

I didn’t always think like this though, I thought it’s a waste of time. I underestimated social media growth (for the right reasons) for a long time, I’ve always despised people that speak about how ‘big’ or ‘famous’ they are on social media. I’ve always found fame vacuous – especially if you do nothing to help make the world better. I’ve always hated people who flaunt their subscriber/follower numbers like it’s a huge achievement. I always thought if people want to grow on social media they’re nothing but narcissists and they’re addicted to the dopamine responses from ‘likes’ they get until I figured out, although that is true, there’s always a positive side to it too. 

The real reason I think almost everyone should grow on social media is that a lot of people have stories to tell. A lot of people have ideas and concepts they want to release into the world but don’t. You have no idea how many lives you can impact by simply releasing your content and your thoughts into the world. Plus, the world will only further increase our connection via the internet. We can’t stop it, all we can do is move with it and be the change we want to see. For those that have hobbies, side hustles or own businesses, start training to grow on social media to not only increase revenue but to become a spark of light in your space! The needs you more than you think!

Just watching three videos from three different creators, Dan Pena (he’s not everyones cup of tea) Grant Cardone and Sam Ovens changed my life! I related so much with their pasts, their failures and their ambitions. Imagine what you can do! I made a video about it below!

Here on NewMarketingU we’ve been helping entrepreneurs and corporations not just grow revenue with YouTube ads but actually grow their social media channels, especially YouTube! 

Some of our team members have been involved in the growth of GaryVee, Forbes, Business Insider, amongst so many others! Would you want to find out what we can do collectively for you? Reach out to us below!  

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