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Lead Generation

Want to know the power of cold email, especially with our cold email system? Over half of the people reading this right now came from a cold email!👏🏾 and the best part of that sentence is…we don’t really pay “per lead”. It didn’t cost us anything more for our first 100 leads than it did our first!



Content Creation Strategy

Video is king for the foreseeable future. A Forbes article states, after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. This is a trend you do not want to miss. A question then for a lot of content creators, influencers and entrepreneurs is how to make great videos and if they need to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions on equipment and editing softwares!

Social media Growth

I underestimated social media growth (for the right reasons) for a long time, I’ve always despised people that speak about how ‘big’ or ‘famous’ they are on social media. I’ve always found fame vacuous – especially if you do nothing to help make the world better. I’ve always hated people who flaunt their subscriber/follower numbers like it’s a huge achievement. I always thought if people want to grow on social media they’re nothing but narcissists and they’re addicted to the dopamine responses from ‘likes’ they get until I figured out, although that is true, there’s always a positive side to it too. 

The real reason I think almost everyone should grow on social media is that a lot of people have stories to tell.

NewMarketingU University

We host online marketing classes/events teaching lead generation, social media growth and branding. We also use these events as a great networking hub to increase influence and reputation in your chosen industry

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