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Mentor Ziad K Abdelnour speaks on true wealth creation

In this first episode of Industry Shakers we are joined by the incredibly successful Ziad K Abdelnour, he is a capitalist warrior-evangelist, a rebel, an investor with a successful wall street career and mentor to those seeking to create super success! On this episode he speaks about why you should empower others to create real wealth, the way he invests in businesses, his new book ‘Startup Saboteurs’ and why he supports President Trump.

How To Run A YouTube Advertising Campaign Correctly! (For Beginners)

YouTube advertising can be a beast to learn. Sam wasted at least £10,000 with his first few tries really quickly but it taught him a lot! It taught me:

He breaks down the frustrations he has had with the YouTube advertising specialists, things most people have to to learn the hard way, how to avoid that and make a profit. This video starts with the absolute basics.

The Fastest Ways To Get 1,000 Subscribers (Organically)

If you’ve just started a YouTube channel or you’ve had a YouTube channel for a long time you’ll know how hard it is to get subscribers and the feeling of waking up and seeing no changes. In this video I breakdown some of the fastest ways to grow a channel by understanding what channel you want and the content you want to be known for. Nothing is fair, never was, never will be and the channel type/content you make will either make it easier for your YouTube growth or put you at a slight disadvantage.


Why you are wrong about everything!

You’re probably wrong about almost everything, humans believe that they are logical, open minded and understanding, yet science has proved this to be wrong time and time again, this is due to our preprogrammed cognitive biases that we don’t know we have and have to work against.

Cognitive, meaning the process of thinking, bias, of course meaning preferring a choice or idea unfairly without giving an equal chance to the opposing choice or idea.

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Why the creation of wealth is very important

You’ve probably been taught the same things I’ve been taught growing up. “Money isn’t everything” “Money is the root of all evil” and you’ve probably heard people say “Only greedy people want to be rich, I just want to be comfortable”.

I want to tell you today. Money is everything and the people that are telling you “I just want to be comfortable” are extremely selfish. They are only thinking about themselves and their circles. Being ‘comfortable’ does nothing for this planet.

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