Resizing your avatar

Go to Photopea here

Resizing your avatar manually gives you the most control. Feel free to play around with your settings and what you would like to complete as you may not want to stretch and crop your image but simply place it in the centre of your avatar.

Instructions in text:

  1. Go to Photopea.com, click on file at the upper left corner, press new, change name (optional) and set the width and height to 400 x 400
  2. Press create and drag your image into the white box area. Press the mouse pointer tool, go to the edge point of your image
  3. Holding down the shift button, stretch a corner of your image outwards with your mouse
  4. Position the image in the most preferred position, press file, export as, JPG. Press save and your download will begin
  5. Go back to your account, upload your saved image and press update, refresh your page and your new avatar will appear!