Refund policy

Simply put, from the day of purchase of the ‘NewMarketingU Alchemy’ program, you will have 5 days to request a refund. This is not 5 business days. Example: If you purchase the program on Friday the 9th of August, you will have until Wednesday the 14th to request a refund as long as you have not passed more than 31% of the ‘NewMarketingU Alchemy program’. Passing 31% of the program will make your refund request null and void. This 31% mark is notified so you do not accidentally pass it. We place email and password barriers at that point to prevent it. NewMarketingU cannot change this policy after a customer purchase. Example: If you purchase the program on the 7th of June and we change our refund policy on the 8th you will not be affected. This is to provide peace of mind and to protect our customers in order to maintain a trustworthy brand. To request a refund you can contact info@newmarketingu.com By purchasing this program you are agreeing to NewMarketingU’s terms of service