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Cold Email + Paid Ads

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Interested in the power of cold email, especially with our system? Surprisingly, over half of the current readers are here from a cold email! The best part? We don’t pay “per lead”. Our first 100 leads cost the same as our initial ones!

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Now, about the cold email strategy. How does it work? We’ve developed a system to scrape data from various websites, gathering leads within your desired industry. These leads include details such as company revenue, key decision-makers, and their contact information (mostly emails), neatly organized in an Excel sheet. The Excel page below is blurred for privacy!

Following this, we’ll be sending personalised emails to your leads, along with follow-up sequences aimed at scheduling calls. Interested? Get in touch with us!

On my first paid ad campaign, I lost over £10,000 / $13,800 in around a month and a week.

That’s not the typical marketing agency tale! Truthfully, I ceased tracking expenses after £10k—I was ready to shut down the entire campaign and call it quits!

How could this happen? I scoured countless YouTube ad guru videos, invested in courses, and now I’m down 10 grand! Ouch! Here’s what I’ve learned.

1️⃣ Regardless of how much cash you throw in, if your offer and product aren’t jaw-dropping, you won’t thrive on YouTube.

“Well, duh?!” You might be thinking that now, but listen up! When you’re new, you often overestimate your abilities—a classic case of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

I presumed my ads were great and so different from everything else I had seen

Boy, was I mistaken! I started to understand why most ads are created in the same way.

It works! “Keep it simple, stupid” hit me hard.

I tried reinventing the wheel—didn’t work! Stick to the script, master the rules before breaking them.

2️⃣ Stats aren’t always what they seem! Your stats might appear good but could actually be terrible and vice versa.

Several factors influence outcomes. I’ve seen funnels with awful conversion rates rake in the most cash and high-converting funnels generate far less.

Learn to interpret and understand the stats to the best of your ability.

3️⃣ I could keep going, but first, buy me a drink—it’ll be a lengthy night of tears and reflection!

Fortunately, diving in headfirst is the best way to learn! I gained invaluable insights.

If you’re new to YouTube ads, the video above might just save you a lot of trouble!

Interested in collaborating on your YouTube-paid ad strategy? Reach out! We’d love to hear from you!