Why the creation of wealth is very important

You’ve probably been taught the same things I’ve been taught growing up. “Money isn’t everything” “Money is the root of all evil” and you’ve probably heard people say “Only greedy people want to be rich, I just want to be comfortable”. I want to tell you today. Money is everything and the people that are telling you “I just want to be comfortable” are extremely selfish. They are only thinking about themselves and their circles. Being ‘comfortable’ does nothing for this planet.

We live on an economic planet. Nothing can be done without the use of money and that is in no way a terrible or evil thing. As long as we have humans with great minds of creation, we will have value and as long as we have value, we’ll need a system to trade that value for something of equal measure. The creation of money isn’t perfect but it helps to avoid the barter catastrophe that is ‘the double coincidence of wants’. In this world, you can’t make a near equal trade of value. A pencil may want to be traded for a loaf of bread, that bread may want to be traded for a rolex and that rolex may want to be traded for a house. This becomes an awful system of trade that just can not work! Now you’re probably reading this and thinking to the first part of what I said “that’s not true, you can do a lot without money”. My reply to you would be this, if you’re reading this right now, you probably live in a first world country with near stable internet connection on a daily basis, for you to do anything from the position you’re in will take money or you’ll at least be in contact with money. Phones, computers, planes, roads, shops, parks, fields. Just because you didn’t pay for it, doesn’t mean it didn’t cost anything. Now if you know the importance of money, only making “just enough” is a terrible thing to do.

When you’re making a lot of money, you’re able to change your situation and the situation of millions of other people.

If you’re someone that would want to “change the world” or “make the world a better place” make enough money to do so first, then help a lot of people.

Now if you’re someone that could care less about helping other people because you feel as though “changing the world” is futile or you’re just selfish, I say this to you.

Creating wealth still has massive benefits, even indirectly. The creation of wealth as a massively successful entrepreneur helps to fuel the economy, create more jobs and reach your potential. Making an incredible business, pushes mediocre businesses out of the picture. Already making the landscape better! Let me know your thoughts on the creation of wealth in the comments or the Facebook group.