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We Go above and beyond to ensure client success and satisfaction

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we want to spark change and possibility in what can be done in multiple industries by completely obsessing over our clients' needs

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All NewMarketingU Strategies and services are always Tested and improved

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NewMarketingU offers full service digital marketing services to clients. These services include, but are not limited to, video production, copywriting and social media advertising. Every problem has a ‘root’ cause, NewMarketingU incorporates philosophy and psychology as a strong fundamental to find this root and more accurately fix the problem. Giving us a new way of marketing.

about us

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, NewMarketingU founder Sam Mtetwa migrated to the UK at the age of 5. Raised by a single mother who struggled to give the best for Sam, she juggled multiple jobs while sleeping rough on the streets, then her university dorm room then a room in a shared house. Sam was constantly abused and tortured by the Landlords Son. Experiencing this, Sam saw what the struggle is upfront. Growing up he understood how important creating money is for himself and the world and began multiple businesses all achieving moderate success. Sam took all of his experiences, skills and began a journey to share this to help businesses to grow online, since then Sam has worked with multi-million and billion dollar businesses in multiple industries, only growing in reach. 

Sam Created 'The Law Of Paradox' This Is what he calls the key to everything
and a mind model He reveals to his clients

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